Bonnie McBainMuch of my work is commissioned paintings and portraits, resulting in private collections in Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, the Carolinas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, Washington DC, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New York and California.

Exhibits include:

  • Heart of the West Invitational Art Show – Lander, Wyoming
  • A Dog & Pony Show @ Brandon Michael Fine Art – Santa Fe, New Mexico

About Bonnie McBain

I am a realist painter, working primarily in oil. I strive to paint accurately, as the term realism implies, but always with the emotion that each subject I choose evokes, whether human, animal, landscape, still life, exterior or interior. There has yet to be a day that has gone by where I have not seen a painting. I see the images everywhere…in friends, wildlife, landscapes, restaurants, street scenes, gestures, nature…even in traffic. Paintings are everywhere. My job is to bring these images to life; capturing as much emotion of each moment with a brush, some paint and some turpentine.

I am originally from a small town outside Chicago, located in the Fox River Valley. I grew up surrounded and influenced by art. My father was a Creative Director at Leo Burnett Advertising in Chicago, and also an artist. He remains my greatest influence and teacher. I attended Kansas City Art Institute & SMU earning a BFA. Although intentions were good at both schools, the day to day lessons my father taught me surpassed any I received there. The greatest lesson being how to “see” and what to do with that information. I spent 15 years as an Art Director in the world of Chicago advertising. I loved the travel, people, creativity and further education advertising afforded me, but always kept painting full time as my ultimate goal. Moving to Bowling Green, KY. in 1994 that goal became a reality, and I’ve been painting ever since.

Contact me to commission or purchase a painting (or print), or to find out more about how I work.